June is busting out all over!

June was a busy month for the residents of Fall Creek Retirement Village. Life Enrichment Director Amber Austin knows that the key to a fun and fulfilling life includes physical and mental stimulation, and she is always ready to provide opportunities for the elders in the community.
June 6th is one of the most revered days in the history of the Second World War and Fall Creek honored their World War II veterans with a special day of reminiscing. More than 10 veterans of the war gathered together for a few hours, and over coffee and doughnuts regaled each other with stories of their time oversea. There were tears and laughter as each veteran told of the sacrifices made at home and the heroism surrounding them during this period in their lives. It is an honor to hear tales from the greatest generation.
Father’s day was celebrated with a luncheon for the men of the community and their families. Lunch was the ever popular Kentucky Fried Chicken with all the trimmings. Fathers gathered together and talked about the joys of fatherhood and what raising children meant to them. As one father said, “The biggest joy I have is seeing good honest children making a difference in the world.” “I am proud to say I had a hand in that.”
June 17th the residents enjoyed a beautiful day at Falls Park with a picnic in the park. The residents relaxed in a shelter house and ate Subway sandwiches with chips and sodas. According to Amber the residents love to watch the children play and feed the ducks. Joanne said, “It’s so nice to be here, it is peaceful, and to hear the laughter and, see the energy of the children, what a pleasure.”
During the last week in June Fall Creek held one of the favorite activities in the community. That was the annual tie-dye day. Residents gathered in the solarium and created their own tie-dyed t-shirts. The residents wrapped their shirts with rubber bands, and dipped them in varied colors of dye making beautiful designs. The shirts where hung to dry and later washed in vinegar to set the colors. “We have a day later in the year when our elders wear their shirts,” Amber reported, “It’s a sight to see.” “The bright colors and wild designs brings a smile to everyone’s face.”
Fall Creek Retirement Village is always looking for ways to enrich your loved ones life. Fall Creek understands the needs of the elder community and our staff is dedicated to providing the lifestyle they deserve. For more information, call us at 765-778-2384. Or visit us at 300 JH Walker Drive Pendleton, IN and schedule a tour.