A Picnic without the Ants

Fall Creek Retirement Village’s Life Enrichment director Amber Austin has a plan to shake some of the winter blues away. “We are going to have a picnic in January,” she said. “I’m looking forward the lifting their spirits in the midst of the cold.”

Amber is going to have the dining room decorated in bright colors with paper plates and soft music playing. “Meal time is social time, and our residents look forward to something special.” There will be Subway sandwiches, chips, cookies and sodas. “It’s something the residents don’t get every day. I’m always looking for ways to bring enjoyment and happiness to their lives.”

The picnic is only one indication of how Fall Creek pays attention to the needs of their residents. Dietary Supervisor Vernon Turner has an “Open Dining Program” which provides choices for residents at meal times. Vernon came to Fall Creek after 4 years as head pastry chef at the Anderson Country Club. “I love to help the elderly,” Vernon said. “My grandma has dementia and I understand the needs of our residents. It is important that I do all I can to make their lives easier and more fulfilling.” Vernon opens the dining hall at 8am and provides a full menu and continental breakfast bar until 11am. The breakfast changes over to a full menu lunch and dinner with a salad bar and a short order menu available until 6:30pm.

“We serve all our meals restaurant style, we take orders at the table and have wait staff serve,” Vernon said. “For those who missed a meal or want something different than what we are serving we give them the option of the short order menu.”

Fall Creek is always looking for ways to enrich your loved ones life. Fall Creek understands the needs of the senior community and our staff is dedicated to providing the lifestyle they deserve.  For more information, call us at 765-778-2384. Or visit us at 625 East Water Street Pendleton, IN and schedule a visit.